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IPL, a sport that not just provides a level playing field to many teams, it also opens its ground for brands to reach their target audience and share their beautiful stories. After gauging a few clients’ business problems about campaign effectiveness and ROI during IPL, Velocity MR launched IPL Brands Insights Study in 2019, covering 200+ brands advertised/sponsored during the mega cricket sporting league. Entire findings were presented in a must-read book for all the marketers – IPL Brands Insights Book (I-BIB). It covers numerous data points and marketing insights, notable among them are – ROI of a Campaign, Viewership Analysis, Loyalty Analysis, Jersey Analysis, Popularity Analysis, Impact Scores, Media Basket Analysis et al.
If your brand is taking the IPL plunge, guard your investment’s effectiveness and efficacy through our IPL Brands Insights Study. Write to us now.


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Disclaimer: The information in this microsite is based on the research findings conducted by Velocity MR & is furnished solely for information. The document or any of its findings must not be reproduced without the consent of designated authorities from Velocity MR. The brands, logos, and images used in the study/report belong to its respective owners, and their inclusion does not infer any patronage or association of Velocity MR with them.

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